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Summer Evening

I don’t open anymore when memories knock on my window. I prefer to imagine that sometimes from a distance empty sky longs for the glow in my eye. Under the light of my table lamp I sketch pictures and write poems about summer nights bathed in the moonlight. Every evening, in the city park by the river, young couples walk hand in hand or hugged tight. Through the air I can hear gossips between the treetops.

all along the river
moon makes atmosphere
for the first kiss


Ne otvaram više kada sećanja zakucaju na moj prozor. Radije zamšljam da ponekad, iz daleka, prazno nebo čezne za sjajem iz mog oka. Pod svetlošću stone lampe crtam skice i pišem pesme o letnjim noćima okupanim mesečinom. Svake večeri, u gradskom parku pored reke, mladi parovi šetaju držeći se za ruke ili čvrsto zagrljeni. Kroz vazduh čujem kako krošnje tračare.

svuda duž reke
mesec pravi atmosferu
za prvi poljubac

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #129, Sogi’s 5th haiku


Time Machine – ORANGE

like a rising sun
warmness overwhelms inside
an orange-red dream


That early May morning, She felt the hot rays of Sun, that were strongly penetrating through the window pane. Suddenly She felt like all her previously life was a strange winter dream, as if her life was just about to begin.
Beautiful day to start a new journey, She thought.


The big, red strawberry was waiting for her on the table beside her bed. Where did it come from? Last night it was not there.  She dressed up quickly, picked up the strawberry and ran outside, following the path that the sun lit up. Path to the Strawberries Field…

Sunlight is entering through my window
and starting it’s tempting dance.
Red and yellow are in my hair,
rays are radiating warmth.
I’m feeling it on my skin.
It’s filling me inside.
I’m stepping in.
New morning
has came.




reckless brush
trying to turn yellow to red
paints a sunset

For Carpe Diem’s Time Machine #1, Orange , with the addition of some earlier works published on my other blog STAIN.

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