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Slow Motion

going for a walk
he seeks answers in puddles
after thunderstorm


odlazeći u šetnju
on traži odgovore u baricama
jutro posle oluje

Linked to Carpe Diem “Little Creatures” #15, Buson’s “Mud-Snails



she walks through the dreams
turning rainbow into sky
wherever she steps

tattoo of the moon
engraved as old reminder
on her left shoulder

a shelter for strays
her coast without the sunlight
remains deserted

she speaks with seaweeds
and writes poems to the stars
teaching them to love

rainbow nature

ona hoda kroz snove
pretvarajući dugu u nebo
gde god da prođe

tetvaža meseca
zauvek utisnuta kao stari podsetnik
na njenom levom ramenu

utočište za lutalice
njena obala bez sunca
ostaje napuštena

ona priča sa morskim travama
i piše pesme zvezdama
učeći ih da vole

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Glass #16, Rainbow

On Her Wedding Day

fearing evil spirits
floral wreath adorns the gate
on her wedding day


plašeći zle duhove
venac od cveća ukrašava kapiju
na dan njenog venčanja

Linked to Carpe Diem #642, Sacred Rope (Shimekazari)

Painted Red

melting snow
under her new
red boots


topi se sneg
pod njenim novim
crvenim čizmama

Linked to Carpe Diem #641, Spring Kimono (Harugi)


do you want to come in
or expect me to go out,
the first sun?


želiš li da uđeš
ili očekuješ da ja izađem,

Linked to Carpe Diem #640, First Sun (Hatsuhi) 

Time Machine – ORANGE

like a rising sun
warmness overwhelms inside
an orange-red dream


That early May morning, She felt the hot rays of Sun, that were strongly penetrating through the window pane. Suddenly She felt like all her previously life was a strange winter dream, as if her life was just about to begin.
Beautiful day to start a new journey, She thought.


The big, red strawberry was waiting for her on the table beside her bed. Where did it come from? Last night it was not there.  She dressed up quickly, picked up the strawberry and ran outside, following the path that the sun lit up. Path to the Strawberries Field…

Sunlight is entering through my window
and starting it’s tempting dance.
Red and yellow are in my hair,
rays are radiating warmth.
I’m feeling it on my skin.
It’s filling me inside.
I’m stepping in.
New morning
has came.




reckless brush
trying to turn yellow to red
paints a sunset

For Carpe Diem’s Time Machine #1, Orange , with the addition of some earlier works published on my other blog STAIN.

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