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Days In The Blackberries Field – vol. 1, finally

Well, ok, I finally did it.

I made volume 1 of the Blackberries Field and published it on Smashwords. It is a collection of poems written as Choka and Nonet. My first book! Actually, I was afraid how it will work so I haven’t published any of my three lines poems yet. Never mind, I made the first step forward.

Can I call myself a published author now???

If anyone is interested, my book is available HERE for free.
Any review is welcomed and appreciated.



Time Machine – ORANGE

like a rising sun
warmness overwhelms inside
an orange-red dream


That early May morning, She felt the hot rays of Sun, that were strongly penetrating through the window pane. Suddenly She felt like all her previously life was a strange winter dream, as if her life was just about to begin.
Beautiful day to start a new journey, She thought.


The big, red strawberry was waiting for her on the table beside her bed. Where did it come from? Last night it was not there.  She dressed up quickly, picked up the strawberry and ran outside, following the path that the sun lit up. Path to the Strawberries Field…

Sunlight is entering through my window
and starting it’s tempting dance.
Red and yellow are in my hair,
rays are radiating warmth.
I’m feeling it on my skin.
It’s filling me inside.
I’m stepping in.
New morning
has came.




reckless brush
trying to turn yellow to red
paints a sunset

For Carpe Diem’s Time Machine #1, Orange , with the addition of some earlier works published on my other blog STAIN.

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